Rescues & Rehomes

We occasionally have dogs and cats needing homes. These pets have been relinquished by our boarding or training customers or have been found. All have been vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and licensed. Ask us about adoption procedures and fees. We will soon apply for a 501c3.





Phoenix (Culprit X Zulu) Three year old neutered, vaccinated chipped high energy male that is loads of fun to be with and loves to be with me. He loves to play tug and run around his yard with a plastic bucket in his mouth (which was the last one he ripped off the fence before he got a metal attached bucket). He is good with people but can show a slight edge to strangers when approached too fast on his own property. He is also good with dogs although was a bit of a bully to some females before being neutered. Phoenix can relax when in the house and just needs some more supervision and training to be a perfect house pet.


Quipu (Edoc x Hallix) Two year old (soon to be neutered) male, chipped and vaccinated. He has lots of energy, is very athletic and likes to play tug. He is a bit shy with people and children until he gets to know them and is good with dogs. He needs supervision in the house, but will be fine once neutered; I live with a lot of girl dogs and sometimes he forgets his manners. Quip is easy to handle although would be too energetic for small children or frail adults as he sometimes air kisses very close to my face.


Quechua (Edoc and Hallix) Two year old spayed female with a striking dark overlay who plays tug with lots of energy and speed, enjoys going for walks and hanging out in the house. She is generally a quiet dog a bit on the shy side but always wants to be part of the action. Quech is easy to handle.


Lucha is a spayed  4 year old happy active medium sized female who loves to play and go on walks. She is easy to live with in the house and gets along with most other dogs as long as they don’t try to push her around.


Ouna (Khan X Carma) Three  and one half year old spayed, vaccinated, chipped large female is a sweet dog who loves petting and hanging out in the house. She is calm in the house and will bark at strangers. She is normally submissive and a bit shy with strangers but tried once for a nip in her earlier years at a person coming in the gate, so is best in an adult house. Ouna is not a fan of doggie playgroups, tending to get scared, but likes dogs she knows.


Galt (Kiss X Twist) Five year old, neutered, chipped vaccinated male who loves to hang out next to me. He is good in the house but spends the day outside. Galt is good with dogs but when he gets frustrated or stimulated by something going on outside his reach he will displace onto mostly only plastic, eg, his bucket (he now has metal), plastic crate,  a plastic crate pan in a wire create, his plastic dog house (not his wood one) and sometimes, his buddy, therefore, he is only with other dogs in the evening when it is quiet around here. Because of the possible displacement of aggression, he will only go to a house with adults.