Allai at 16

Anne writes:

Hello,  I’m ‘Allai du Ciel Rouge’ …out of Aaron and Assi ..and it’s time to tell my story which began, September 20, 1993, at Augusta Farley’s kennel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As I read about her “dogs” I know why I’m able to take care of my people here in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  We are of strong stock and had a good foundation in our early lives.  I may be deaf, but as Augusta  had suggested,  I was not only taught verbal commands,  but hand, arms and eye signals as well.   I put that in the plural,  because Augusta also said, ‘it would be alright if my people used different gestures …since they are different people,’ Mine didn’t plan what signals they’d use ..’arm up’ for one, means “instant down” and ‘arm down’ for the other,  also means “instant down.”   My deafness doesn’t bother us at all, because I’m so intelligent I can understand the different signals of both my owners and have pleased them all these years since I was brought to Canada in 1994.

Longevity runs in the family. Allai’s sire, Aaron, also lived to 16.