Due 2/15/11 (Vayrha x Carma)

Vayrha – Vayrha du Royaume d’Héraclès FR2 (Tzar du Bois de Grand Val FR3 x Scottie du Plateau Champenois). Learn more about Vayrha.

Carma – Carma du Ciel Rouge FR1 MR1 B (Kain ot Vitosha FR3 MR2 x Xtra Twist du Ciel Rouge B) is a competitive mondio dog with intense protection work.


6/22/10 (Arras x Zulu)

4 males and 2 females

Arras – Arras FR3, ’06 NARA FR2 Champion (Tibere des Contes d’Hoffman FR3 x Samba). Learn more about Arras on his website.

Zulu – Zulu du Ciel Rouge FR1 MR3 B (Brawny Bombadier ot Vitosha FR3 MR3 B CD x Vorra v.d. Berlex-Hoeve) – Zulu is an extremely steady and willing worker. She has a full, intense biting style, jumps easily, retrieves all day and carries aggression.