Goals & Guarantee


When breeding I look at the technical details of performance that would be evaluated on the sport field, e.g. full mouth bite, stick and gun sureness, calm tracking, spirited obedience, agility. However, I never want to forget the overall courage and drive to work; the details will work themselves out. Some dogs will just work out better as service dogs than sport dogs, and vice versa.

My goal is to produce dogs that have intense drives. In reality, each breeding will produce varying levels of nerves, drives, and sociability. I like crazy retrievers and food-a-holics; rarely do I get it in the same package. Some pups are born naturally social, others will need maturing and socializing.

I want their bodies healthy and fitting the breed standard as closely as possible. All my bitches are OFA’d; most also have CERF (eye) certificates. As a bonus a few might be able to finish in the AKC or UKC breed ring, but most will not. Aaron was rated Very Good by a Belgian show judge. Usco was a gorgeous dog with a harsh coat.

The bitches and dogs in my pedigrees descend from the Belgian working lines with some Dutch and French dogs and an occasional show dog. Titles in the pedigrees include Schutzhund, Belgian, French and Mondio Ring, and KNPV. (French/Mondio and Belgian Ring levels are reversed, e.g. FR3 = BR1.) KNPV and Ring titles are not always written on the pedigrees; Schutzhund titles are on the German pedigrees. Almost all the males will be titled but very few of the females. This is normal except in Germany where they tend to title the females as well.

Even though not all of the dogs I use for breeding will be titled or in service, all will be tested and evaluated for their contribution to the breeding. All of my dogs and litters will be AKC registrable.

Placement and Guarantee

All puppies and dogs are health guaranteed. The working quality dogs and puppies carry a performance guarantee. Some pups are available with AKC Limited Registrations if I think they would work our better as home companions. If you are not satisfied, I will buy back your pup or dog at the purchase price less shipping, providing you have met the conditions listed in the contract. I reserve the first right of refusal to buy a dog back.

I encourage progress reports and want to be a part of each puppy’s upbringing and training. I enjoy hearing about the dog as you live and work with it, the good and the bad points. Please plan on keeping in touch.